2D design is dead, long live VR and AR


2D design is dead, long live VR and AR

Virtual and augmented reality are shaking up the architecture industry, Context Architects managing director Stephen Voyle says. But designers shouldn’t worry – it means better buildings faster and a more democratic way of working.

In this week's Wrap, a supersonic car zooms through, get your gif on, walk into a whole new 3D world and keep your photos for your eyes only.

The worldwide maker movement is booming with the proliferation of cheap 3D printers, and today we feature some interesting applications for this very modern take on the home workshop.


How do you like your 3D? On the big movie screen perhaps? How about in your hand? Global electronics company LG is set to bring 3D to consumers in an entirely different platform, announcing at the Mobile World Congress that it has developed what it says is the world’s first 3D smartphone.


Get your 3D glasses out (it's amazing what you can find in an office when you look hard enough) and if you don’t have any, watch anyway. Augmented (hyper)Reality: Augmented City, is an impressive film produced by Keiichi Matsud as part of a larger project that addresses the social and architectural consequences of new media and augmented reality. Watch it here.


US Company Zebra Imaging has brought architecture planning to life with their innovative holographic pop-up buildings. In this video, chief technology officer and co-founder Michael Klug, gives us a hands-on demonstration of the technology at work.