Zac de Silva

Success, whether in sports or business, comes down to the same core fundamentals. So take a leaf out of the professional athlete's playbook, says Zac de Silva.

The other day I was talking to a guy who had just swapped publicity relations providers. He’d been with the previous firm for five years but admitted going with someone new had been a long time coming – his previous PR company never touched base with him, didn’t enquire about any new products he had to market, didn’t even contact him to set up a nice smoozy dinner, lunch or even a measly coffee! So why had he stuck with a company who obviously weren’t working hard for him?


Nutritionists say you are what you eat, librarians and teachers say you are what you read, psychologists say you are what you say, fashionistas (and possibly retailers!) say you are what you wear and Frank Zappa famously sang ‘You Are What You Is’. Well, as a business coach, Zac de Silva says that, in business, you are what your brand is.


People often ask me what I think is the biggest factor in whether a business is successful or not. Is it the product? The location? The website? Customer service? All of those things are important, but the thing that shines through in all the successful companies I deal with is the business owner’s attitude.