StopPress Team

Game of frames

The best creative ideas would exist only in the mind if it weren't for the craftiness of the industry's builders, the practical hands-on folks who actually build the things that advertising folks dream up. One such builder is Phantom Billstickers' Ethan Ruffles. Here are Ruffles' thoughts on working in the Phantom workshop and turning ideas into tangible things that people touch (and sometimes steal).

Onwards and upwards

With Blade Runner 2049 currently in cinemas winning rave reviews, we have yet another vision of the dystopian impact technology will have in the future. As critically acclaimed as the film might be, it’s nothing new to see technology pessimistically cast as the villain in pop culture. But Vodafone's global rebrand has adopted a slightly more positive view on what the future might hold. 

Colonel Sanders + science

KFC has paid homage to the classic American road trip by releasing a cassette tape that provides GPS-like directions for travellers to follow Colonel Harland Sanders tracks.

Say it ain't soul

Air New Zealand is trialling a new team member in the form of Sophie, a digital human created by Soul Machines to answer questions about New Zealand as a tourist destination and the airline’s products and services.

Optimism in action

Ecostore launched a major brand campaign this week in a bid to send the message that consumers have the power to choose the kind of future they want their children to inherit. The campaign, running across various media channels, made the point that we don't have to accept the pessimistic status quo and that we can learn from the optimism of the younger members of our society. We chat to Ecostore chief executive Pablo Kraus about the insight behind the campaign and what this means for the consumers Ecostore would like to get on its side.