Peter Kerr

Banishing the shame around business failure

Banishing the shame around business failure

In the past we’d write somebody off for having tried, and been not successful in a new business venture – these days we’re much more inclined to encourage them to dust themselves off, and get on with something else.

Linc Gasking, the co-founder of Free Range Ltd, has put a powerful dollop of his own and others’ thinking into a 64-page document that seeks to short-circuit startup success in New Zealand. It reads like a (much better written than usual) management/technical document. It also comes complete with footnotes, attributed quotes and insights that support the five key learnings and recommendations.


There’s only one word really to describe the winners of the National Science Challenge – ‘wow’ writ small. Or, perhaps it is just me that is completely underwhelmed by the announcement of 10 research areas that can comfortably be binned as business as usual.