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A Kiwi director's New York love story


A Kiwi director's New York love story

Aucklander Maria Ines Manchego is a photographer, cinematographer and director living in hipster ground zero—Brooklyn, New York’s Williamsburg. The quietly-spoken Chilean–New Zealander recently shot her first feature with Kiwi director Florian Habicht.

Middle management in a large Connecticut bakery wasn't Helen Klisser During's dream job, but she knew what she was doing—priming for her return to Godzone and her parent's company, Vogel's. But when Vogel's was suddenly sold, she reinvented her future as curator and art advisor to New York's elite.

Derek and Geoff Handley created The Hyperfactory, a high-tech Kiwi business that competes with the world’s best, and in July they sold it for megamillions. Mitchell Hall asks what they’ve learned about entrepreneurship and dreaming big—and why New Zealand needs more like them. Plus: An investor speaks.

Product innovation can often be a case of the confused leading the irrational. No wonder three out of four projects fails. But Robert Cooper, a leader in new product development, consultant to the Global 1000, author and seminar speaker, has a simple fix

Emerging Talent

“I just don’t know how we did it” says Andrew Hunt, proud parent of a son and an award-winning short film.


Monique Rhodes doesn’t like Christmas albums—so she’s making one, with a who’s-who of Kiwi musicians.