Maya Breen

Party like a capitalist

Being in business is like the proverbial roller coaster ride – high highs, low lows, unexpected turns, multiple passengers and, often, a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maya Breen looks at what that journey might sound like.

AI and you

For the techno-optimists, artificial intelligence may well be as close as we get to a super power. But, for the techno-pessimists, the rise of artificial intelligence could be hastening our own demise. So is this burgeoning ‘super power’ a blessing or a curse? Depends who you ask, writes Maya Breen. 

Future of exercise

If you’re as gym averse as I am, this new augmented reality game from B2B fitness tech start-up, ARX, might just inspire you to renew that well-intentioned New-Year’s resolution membership. Its co-founders, a game developer and a civil engineer-turned-personal trainer are gamifying exercise and fresh from showcasing their AR prototype internationally at Vivatech in Paris.

Designing for VR

Virtual reality was one of the biggest tech trends of 2016. But, as with any new medium, storytellers are still experimenting with the technology and attempting to throw off the shackles of previous mediums. So what are the new rules of engagement when it comes to designing experiences for VR? And what does the future hold for those who hope to turn passive observers into active participants in a narrative? Maya Breen immerses herself in the work of Conical’s Alejandro Davila, the creator of the Green Fairy.