Jonathan Cotton

Jonathan Cotton

Digital Editor

Jonathan has been a writer longer than he cares to remember. Specialising in technology, the arts, and the grand meaning of it all, in his spare time he enjoys reading, playing guitars, and adding to an already wildly overstocked t-shirt collection.


So Apple has done it's latest big reveal and treated us to our first look at...not much really. Shocking, right? So we thought it was a good time to revisit this 2015 poison pen piece from Idealog's technology-miserablist, Jonathan Cotton, about why he can't help but take these whiz-bang technology showcases with anything but a grain of salt.


Who doesn’t love online auction site TradeMe? Whether you’re buying, selling, arguing in the comments section or just wasting time waiting for the bus, TradeMe is about as close as it gets to a Kiwi online institution (second only to this fine site, of course). But there’s more to TradeMe than discount mopeds and second-hand baby clothes. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a very accurate thermometer for the preclusions, interests and obsessions driving the Kiwi mood at any given moment.