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Johan Chang

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The jack-of-all-trades minion who kind of does a bit of everything, he's also our former resident geek and Reddit fiend. He's now disappeared off somewhere in to the Matrix, but every now and then he resurfaces for a random guest article.

Tech of the Week: the blender with a messiah complex


Tech of the Week: the blender with a messiah complex

Most days, this column is a foray into the strange, exciting, and occasionally weird technologies being developed. Today is not one of those. Today, we’re exploring the NutriBullet – just because its press release is too good to pass up.

Brand design

Born 16 years ago, the ‘100% Pure’ slogan has carried our nation to the international stage, becoming one of the most recognised and successful tourism marketing campaigns in this country’s history. Having partnered with Peter Jackson’s now-ended Middle-Earth visual spectacle, the campaign is now turning a new page and being rebirthed by master craftsmen in typography and carving.

Architecture/Structural Design

Two years ago, Warren and Mahoney embarked on the journey to build the athlete’s village for the 2015 Pacific Games in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG). What resulted was more than just a place to house athletes – it became a symbol for PNG’s diverse cultural identity.


As an “experiment in additional ways to fund the web”, Google launched their Contributor project in November of last year. It’s a social experiment to see if users are willing to pay to remove ads, and by golly, we all really dislike internet ads, don’t we?


The Matrix made hackers cool while The Big Bang Theory made neurotic scientists slightly less weird. And now, it’s the coders’ turn, with the rise of the ‘Hackathon’. One guy wants it to go big – so big it’ll be the “sporting” event of the year for tech nerds everywhere.