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A picture paints a thousand words: how to make an emoji

Signs of the times

A picture paints a thousand words: how to make an emoji

Emoji use is growing like a particularly good crop of  🍆. But the universal emoji keyboard is a closely guarded volume, with each icon painstakingly selected based on a huge number of criteria, ✏️  Jessy Edwards. So how does one get an emoji accepted onto this 📇 , what does the proliferation of emojis mean for the future of  💬 , and what do a 🇳🇿  living in Amsterdam and a reality TV star have to do with it?

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We’d all like to believe our choices are our own; that we’re not simply sheeple, bleating through a world run by evil corporations and governments. But delve into the world of decision making and behavioural economics and you’ll find so much of what we interact with on a day-to-day basis is nudging us in a certain direction. Jessy Edwards takes a look at the way designers from a range of different fields are attempting to influence our behaviour.

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While new ideas are always appealing, sometimes the best approach is to improve upon things that already exist. As Jessy Edwards discovers, a unique new alliance is doing just that by embracing well-established 'technologies' – dogs’ noses and traps – to help save New Zealand’s native wildlife. It’s all part of a new partnership between Kiwibank, the Department of Conservation and The Predator Free New Zealand Trust that aligns with the Government’s new goal to be predator free by 2050.