Georgina Harris

Climate Week, brought to you by Kiwibank

Trees are vital. They help us breathe, they’re fun to climb, give life to wildlife, provide shade at festivals and, as The Drawdown shows, they are also one of the answers to the beast that is climate change. Melanie Seyfort, marketing and communications manager at Trees That Count, speaks to Idealog about the project, its plans to help match supply with demand, and how New Zealanders – from an individual to the largest corporate – can get involved and reduce the country's carbon footprint. 

Idealog + Isthmus

Industrial scale development leaves little room for individual expression. But Vinegar Lane in Ponsonby is a notable exception. Georgina Harris speaks with David Irwin, creative director at Isthmus Group, about the unique project and the concept of ‘collective individuality’.

Design Thinking

Andy Crowe and Rui Peng love asking questions, answering problems and the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill – and they have turned all these passions into a social enterprise tackling inequality. It does this by co-creating inventive products, spaces and experiences using digital technologies while currently operating out of a low-decile school.