Findlay Buchanan

Calling on cannabis: Hikurangi Group on how it plans to use marijuana to grow Ruatōria from the ground up

Green Rush

Calling on cannabis: Hikurangi Group on how it plans to use marijuana to grow Ruatōria from the ground up

In our new series covering the budding cannabis market, Idealog has reached out to companies who are poised to launch into what is predicted to be a billion-dollar market in New Zealand. Standing at the forefront is social enterprise Hikurangi Cannabis, but it won’t just be another marijuana plant: it plans to be a forestry of health, sustainability, local community and Kaupapa. We talk to Manu Caddie, managing director of Hikurangi Enterprises, (HEL) about his plans to enrich the community by restoring jobs and Maori values on New Zealand's East Coast.

Change is coming

The water bottle industry is one of the most flagrant users of plastic in the world, but aside from banning the industry altogether, the next step forward in combating this is difficult. However New Zealand made compostable and circular water bottle company, For The Better Good, may represent the next best alternative. Founder Jayden Klinac sat down to chat about his plant based alternative and how the company is turning waste into capital.

Idealog + Roam

In this digitally-saturated world, design forms the architecture of our daily lives. But its importance goes beyond aesthetics – it changes the profitability of companies. Here, digital product agency Roam tells Findlay Buchanan why great design can pay dividends.

The Echo of Amazon

Smart speakers and digitised helpers have been cited as this year’s big fish in New Zealand - and warring virtual assistants from Amazon's Alexa to Google Assistant, Apple's Siri, Samsung Bixby and Microsoft Cortana are hot on the tech scene.

The future of work

The future of performance reviews is here: an evidence-based digital badge system, which nurtures employee skills in a non-discriminatory and usable way. Auckland based software company Propellerhead seeks to challenge normative structures with innovative and alternative business models, notably its new digital badge system which will be introduced in early 2018 – a feature which aims to make traditional annual reviews irrelevant and remove workplace biases such as those towards gender, race, and religion.

Make it work

Eighteen years of iD Dunedin Fashion weeks, as well as a globally recognised bachelor’s degree in fashion - it appears there is more to Dunedin’s fashion scene than David Bain’s sweater collection. Students Lillian Cotter and Paige Jansen have made their mark there with a pop-up store that funded a research trip to Shanghai.