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Innovation Heroes: Penelope Barr-Sellers

Innovation Heroes: Penelope Barr-Sellers

Next month a bunch of top Kiwi brains are taking to the road for the Innovation Heroes tour - think wine, canapés and inspiring stories straight from the horse's mouth. Today we meet Penelope Barr-Sellers.

Former pro squash player Callum O'Brien is the brains behind Jumping Goat, a new 'coffee liquor' targeting the shot market as a late night pick-me-up. He describes it as premium for the masses - a handcrafted product that can still take the piss and have fun with it. And it all started with experiments using an espresso machine he bought off TradeMe

Stadler Form embodies everything we've come to know and love about Swiss design - sleek, stylish, practical - beginning with its very first product back in 1999, a humidifier called Fred. The home appliance brand launches in New Zealand (its 40th country) this month, and founder Martin Stadler sat down for a quick chat with Idealog.

Next month a bunch of top Kiwi brains are taking to the road for the Innovation Heroes tour. Idealog, naturally, will be there with bells on. Over the next few weeks, though, we'll be introducing you to the guests of honour. Today, we meet Rod Snodgrass, the head of Telecom Digital Ventures - a business unit formed in early 2013 to look at new technologies, consumer needs and business opportunities.

Amid all the interviews and blog posts and videos pumped out online every day, it can be hard to keep up with the best content on innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and leadership. So we rounded up some of the best links for you.

Will you create your future, or wither away? Leadership author and speaker Steven Bowman says that to become a “pragmatic futurist” you need to learn to recognise future opportunities and prepare to shape them to your advantage right now.

Getting drunk on bourbon at a conference and telling your CEO that the company HR processes are crap isn’t a career advancing move Mandy Johnson recommends. That said, it worked for her. She's distilled her methods into a new book on how to find and keep top talent, and spoke to us about why psychometric tests suck, how gut instinct can be misleading and why great candidates are like great houses.