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Elly Strang

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Elly is Idealog's deputy editor and resident dog enthusiast. She enjoys travelling, tea, good books, and writing about exciting ideas and cool entrepreneurs.

What’s next for Auckland’s City Centre: a Q&A with design champion Ludo-Campbell Reid

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What’s next for Auckland’s City Centre: a Q&A with design champion Ludo-Campbell Reid

Auckland Council recently released a video detailing how far it’s come with the design of the City Centre over the last 10 to 15 years, as well as its vision for Auckland’s City Centre and its waterfront in the years to come. We had a chat with Ludo Campbell-Reid about the pace at which his vision is coming to fruition, the most impactful changes already made and what’s to come in the future.

Machines and music

Spotify has revolutionised the access consumers have to music through its technology, but behind the machine, there’s humans like Spotify Australia and New Zealand senior music editor Alicia Sbrugnera helping craft playlists to people’s different wants and needs. We went behind the interface and spoke to her about how this algorithm and playlist curation business really works.

Good wool hunting

After battling requests for a line of shoes made for kids, Allbirds has given the punters what they desire and launched a limited edition children's footwear range called Smallbirds. And in the spirit of creative overachieving, co-founder Joey Zwillinger has written a children's picture book about a sheep called Sadie Shaves the Day that will be given out for free with each purchase of a pair of shoes.

Smooth sailing

Automated boat loading company Balex went into liquidation earlier this year, but two Kiwi expat businessmen, Daniel Given and Reon Oak, have come to the rescue. They've relaunched the brand and are rolling out plans to take it global, solving common pain points felt with loading and unloading boats into the water through technology.

Best Awards

The kids are our future, and this year's Best Awards entries were a reflection of this. A common thread connecting entries across various categories was that their design was orientated at a young audience. Here are some of our favourites picks for New Zealand designed products and spaces that are aimed at the little ones.