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Elly is Idealog's editor and resident dog enthusiast. She enjoys travelling, tea, good books, and writing about exciting ideas and cool entrepreneurs.

Emerging talent: William Reynolds

Emerging Talent

Emerging talent: William Reynolds

After a column he wrote outlining the problems with New Zealand’s education system got the online world buzzing, 18-year-old William Reynolds journeyed down to Wellington to explain to the Ministry of Education why new technologies, like AR/VR, AI and blockchain need to be covered off in the curriculum, so more kids are better equipped for the changes ahead. And now, he’s taking the path less travelled and interning at tech companies around the world rather than attending University. Here, he discusses why he wants more kids to be have the opportunities he’s created for himself.

Pack your bags

Tech Futures Lab has today launched Digital Suitcase, a global education platform to teach adults – like those whose careers are being disrupted by new technologies they can’t quite wrap their heads around – all about this new tech in a fun, lighthearted way. We talk with Tech Future Lab and the Mind Lab’s Frances Valintine about what inspired her to launch the programme and who it’s intended for.

Green Rush

The medical cannabis industry in New Zealand has taken another tentative step forward, with the first research license granted to Ruatoria-based social enterprise Hikurangi Enterprises. The company says it will now begin building high-tech greenhouses and processing facilities to breed cannabis strains and start conducting trials into New Zealand made medical cannabis products.

It's lit

Bridie O'Leary and Michael Henriquez are the co-founders of Glowjob, a LED signs start-up based in Dunedin New Zealand with a twist. The duo makes signs out of a LED neon flex material rather than the traditional and expensive glass neon, making their products more friendly on the wallet – and more flexible for designs.

Reality check

With news that Soul Machines has rolled out a brand-new digital avatar called Will that will act as a digital teacher on behalf of Vector educating schoolkids about energy, we cast our eye around the globe to find the companies using tech to replicate the parts of us that make us human.

Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

We gave biotechnology company Mint Innovation a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch their business, which recovers valuable materials from electronic waste.

Design inspiration

Ex-editor of Wired Scott Dadich and Patrick Godfrey are the co-chief executives and co-founders of Godfrey Dadich Partners, a strategy, design, and content firm headquartered in San Francisco and the main brains behind Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design. Elly Strang caught up with them in Sydney at Semi-Permanent to talk making design inclusive, the future of the tech sector, and more. 

The Tech Issue, 2018

Idealog's Tech Issue is out now (get your copy here). Editor Elly Strang explains the thinking behind the issue's theme, 'New Heights' – and showcases some of the people who fit into it – and explores the cultural conflict between the need for confidence to succeed in the tech sector and the typically understated nature of New Zealanders.

Cultural preservation

Realityvirtual’s Simon Che de Boer recently had a hand in documenting one of the world’s most ancient civilisations in VR. And now, he’s keen to get to work on his passion project: local cultural preservation work of the Christchurch Cathedral. He wants to resurrect the old Cathedral in VR using publicly sourced photography, so is putting out a call to the public to submit any photos or videos they have of the building pre-earthquake, and using deep learning, a company can fill in the missing data and build a VR experience around this.