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Elly is Idealog's editor and resident dog enthusiast. She enjoys travelling, tea, good books, and writing about exciting ideas and cool entrepreneurs.

Meet the inspiring young winners of the 2018 GirlBoss Awards

Young blood

Meet the inspiring young winners of the 2018 GirlBoss Awards

This week, a new generation of women entrepreneurs have been recognised and celebrated at the 2018 Girl Boss Awards. The awards were the first of their kind in more ways than one – particularly considering that they celebrated a new, young generation of innovative thinkers, with all 400 entrants aged between 11 and 18. Six young women were crowned winners in their categories for their efforts in growing young Māori leaders, reducing pollution and furthering conversations about youth mental health.

City crafting

The statistics don’t lie: the bulk of the those that are designing living and urban spaces in New Zealand cities are men – but the times are changing. Globally, there is a conversation taking place on what cities would look like if equal weighting was given to all of its citizens in the design process. We spoke with Women In Urbanism, a recently formed organisation in Aotearoa, about how it's aiming to give a voice to those who don’t fit the pale and male image that dominates the architecture and engineering fields.

Virtual reality realities

For Conservation Week this week, social enterprise Squawk Squad and virtual reality studio M Theory have joined forces to go into the classroom and get children excited about saving New Zealand’s native birds through VR technology. The experience takes the viewer through a forest journey alongside a robin bird, who encounter friends and predators along the way.

Hat tip

Offcut is a New Zealand company that makes caps from textile scraps destined for landfill, while dabbling in others initiatives to tackle environmental issues, like planting a tree for every hat sold. But its co-CEOs are now turning their eye to plastic following a recent sourcing trip to Bali, where they were alarmed at just how much of it was clogging up the oceans. Here, Adrien Taylor explains Offcuts’ brand ethos, the mini-documentary they’ve made about their Bali experience and how in the future, the company will be incorporating recycled waste plastic into its hats.

Talking pictures

If you’re familiar with J.K. Rowling’s world of Hogwarts, you will recall how portraits in the wizarding world can talk and move around from frame to frame. But what if there was no need for magic to make this happen? The folks at Vaka Interactiv are doing just that by using technology to tell the story of different walks of life in museums and galleries, allowing people to interact with portraits and understand and engage with cultural stories better than ever before. We have a chat with Vaka Interactiv CEO Jesse Armstrong about the real-life wizardry.

New heights, new depths

From the dawn of time, the urge to explore has always been in humankind’s nature, propelling us forward to new discoveries, new experiences and new frontiers. Many years ago, humans migrated out from the temperate plains of Africa to traverse unknown lands and embarking on such a conquest helped society evolve. But come 2018, much of the world is within plain sight – a quick search on Google Maps can enlighten anyone as to what the Pyramids of Giza or Mount Everest look like. However, many believe there are two frontiers yet to be properly explored and developed: the deep ocean and deep space. In part one, we talk film maker and deep-sea explorer James Cameron about new frontiers, new technology and what he's planning on exploring next.

Full bloom

Bonnie Brown was the winner of the Blunt + Idealog + Generator Umbrella Experiment earlier this year, which saw her design turned into a limited-edition Blunt umbrella that has now successfully sold out. Here, we get to know the freelance illustrator a little better – and find out what her plans are now that she has a product with her design on it under her belt.