Dwight Whitney

New Zealand is bristling with innovators – especially in agriculture. But we asked our panel to find the stars. So after numerous emails, phone calls and heated debates – plus the toss of a coin – Primary is proud to present the top 10 Innovators in agri-business. Top 10 Innovators is part of an ongoing series: the Farm 40. Compiled by Dwight Whitney.

Just as agricultural products evolve, so too do the gremlins, varmints, pest and diseases that are destined to take a bite out of production and wallets. But standing between them and your livelihood are some pretty savvy souls, writes Dwight Whitney.


The year was 1997. IT and electrical savant John Hansen and family were celebrating his daughter’s graduation at a fancy Auckland restaurant—and the service was rubbish. Chaotic and slow, the wait staff and kitchen were disorganised and exasperated. While waiting, the family joined forces to redesign the ordering system on a napkin.