Courtney Devereux


Jon Macdonald, CEO of Trade Me for over a decade, has announced plans to step down from the leadership role. Macdonald chats about the reason behind the departure and what he hopes to get from his new path.


NZ Retail and The Register deputy editor Courtney Devereux wrote a stunt journalism piece on how easy it is to be hacked in Idealog last year. In an ironic twist of events, she recently discovered she has actually has had her data breached, except this time through her Uber account to the tune of $800. Here, she explains what happened, and the problem with entrusting your confidential details to big, faceless corporations.

Who made your clothes?

The 2018 Ethical Fashion Guide by Tearfund has shown Kiwis how some of our most trusted brands have performed when put under the microscope. A lot of the brands within New Zealand performed well and had good results, yet some scored lower than expected. So, what do the grades reflect, and what should we take from the study?

Shop until you drop

Businesses can now easily direct consumers from Instagram straight to its site with the launch of Instagram Shopping. The updates to the popular app now open more opportunities for retailers to connect with online followers.