Catherine Murray


The Southland town of Gore was not named after some nasty medical emergency, but after an early Governor of New Zealand, Sir Thomas Gore Browne. Perhaps appropriately given its name, however, the rural hub has developed an unexpected reputation as an early adopter of health IT and technology.


Our government spends billions on health every year. The cloud gives us access to our data from almost anywhere. Mobile devices and wearables have given rise to the ‘quantified self’. So why is it that health IT is taking the scenic route to its destination? Catherine Murray books in for a check-up.

Social entrepreneurship

It was the clashing of two worlds that gave 19-year-old Bonnie Howland her business idea. On the one side there was her part-time job in a hair salon in Auckland’s trendy Newmarket suburb, while she studied for an event management degree at Auckland’s AUT University.