Cassie Doherty

Are you guilty of using unnecessary—and pretentious—business jargon? It doesn't make you seem any cleverer, you know, but some of us just can't help it: paradigm, mindshare, blue-sky thinking, granularity, calendarise, and even stupid expressions like 'open the kimono' and 'boil the ocean'. Unsuck-it can help you stop with the buzzwords (or at least find some new ones to annoy your co-workers). Go on, drink the Kool-Aid ...

Got the mid-winter blues, stuck in a rut, don't know where your life is going? Don't worry: this could be Your Big Year. A worldwide competition that's part of the UK's Global Entrepreneurship Week in November, Your Big Year's extremely lucky winner will embark on a 12-month, all-expenses-paid tour of the world, meeting celebrities and entrepreneurs, learning new skills and rolling up their sleeves for some volunteer work. Attend a conference in New York, take a limo ride in Vegas, learn photography in Africa, scuba dive in Australia, teach English in Ecuador, visit the Taj Mahal ... The aim is to encourage global citizenship and social responsibility through entrepreneurship. Whatever: it would sure beat surfing the net, watching telly and wondering how long till Labour Weekend.