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Culture in the workplace – supporting your talent

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Culture in the workplace – supporting your talent

HR managers are too often reliant on clunky, inflexible software that leaves crucial data siloed and inaccessible. Technology writer Bill Bennett investigates how cloud SaaS solutions can create flexible systems that share common databases and integrate into a single, seamless whole.

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We all want our business to grow. But as they grow, our IT systems can quickly become outdated. Technology writer Bill Bennett looks at how the cloud can help ease those growing pains.

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The customer, they say, is king. But as the mobile revolution takes hold, and takes company reps further and further away from the office, tracking and accessing that important customer data can become an issue. So how do you keep the flow of information open? Technology writer Bill Bennett takes a look at the importance of choosing the right software for managing those ever important customer relationships.

Big Data

In the 2011 movie Moneyball, Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, the general manager of the cash-strapped Oakland Athletics baseball team. Using a heap of previously-ignored player statistics, Beane buys up undervalued players no one else wants – and goes on to win the league. High-five for clever data.