Ben Fahy

Ben Fahy

LESS THAN ONE WEEK LEFT: enter the Idealog + Blunt + Generator Umbrella Experiment

Umbrella Experiment

LESS THAN ONE WEEK LEFT: enter the Idealog + Blunt + Generator Umbrella Experiment

Idealog is one of the few media brands dedicated to celebrating the best of New Zealand’s design industry. And Blunt is a New Zealand company with a long history of using its design skills to create more beautiful, more functional umbrellas. So, as part of our design series, we’re asking our audience to submit a design that could end up on a limited-edition umbrella and net the winner a heap of prizes, including a six-month co-working tenancy at Generator for up to four people that’s worth $28,000. 

Most Creative People

Business is an inherently creative pursuit. Ideas are had. Actions are taken. Challenges arise. Experiments are conducted. Failures occur. Learning is done. Opportunities present themselves. Solutions are found. Success sometimes arrives. And so the cycle continues. And those who are able to ride the ups and downs, goods and bads of the creative process are the ones who tend to push society forward. So, with the help of our friends at Accenture, who are, appropriately, showing businesses that new is already here, we decided to celebrate some of them with Idealog’s Most Creative People. 

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

Idealog’s just-released Technology Issue – 'Reality Check' examined some of the ways new technologies are improving us, amazing us, entertaining us and, in some cases, harming us. Now, thanks to the support of our friends at Springload, an independent, award-winning digital creative agency, we’re dedicating the month of August to a continuation of those discussions online. We’ll also be conducting a bunch of tech-related experiments, showcasing the best of this booming sector and sharing a bunch of wise words from local tech luminaries. So get ready to fill your internet-connected hover boots.

Purpose built

Back in 1999, a few art school graduates with a passion for ideas jumped into the unknown and started a company in a garage in Kingsland, Auckland. Now two of them, Ben Corban and Dean Poole, run one of the world’s finest design studios, Alt Group, which has won practically every award that matters, continues to create work of ‘beautiful simplicity with a smile in the mind’ for companies big and small, and has managed to maintain its culture along the way. Ben Fahy gets a rare audience with the deep thinking co-founders and tries to find out what makes them so good.

Taking flight

Rave reviews, impressive sales, celebrity endorsements, a Purple Pin at the Best Awards … The Wool Runner from Allbirds has tapped into the growing desire for ‘anonymous luxury’ and is riding a wave of popularity. But it’s no overnight success. In the presence of about seven years’ worth of prototypes, co-founder Tim Brown and designer Jamie McLellan tell Ben Fahy about the long and winding road they had to travel to bring their vision to life.

Idealog's Guide to Wellington

Wellington has just been named one of the world's most liveable cities. And creative types of all stripes are being drawn to the energy of the capital, embracing its vibrant culture and harnessing the booming tech and design sectors. Idealog's Guide to Wellington, which we will be publishing over the next few weeks, shows you why. 

Design Month, brought to you by DNA

Hopefully you’ve already felt the thud of Idealog’s big, fat, highly nutritious Design Issue on your kitchen bench/office desk/bedside table/toilet floor/butler’s hands. We dedicated 148 pages to what we felt were the most interesting subjects in the wide-ranging field of design, talked to a whole host of impressive design luminaries from here and around the world, and showcased some of the best examples of New Zealand’s top-drawer design scene. But we still couldn’t fit everything in and there were too many other good stories to tell. So, with the support of our friends at DNA, one of the country’s best interactive design and customer experience agencies, we’re dedicating an entire month to the topic of ‘decisions with intent’ in our pop-up Design Month section.