Andrew McKenzie

I was going to write about the premise of identity in terms of creative industries and entrepreneurial ventures in which the many multiplicities of day to day interaction require an individual to wear a minimum of a dozen hats or titles per day. All that fell by the way side after reading the article in the Herald today titled Phone movies a big turn off

There was once a Traveler who arrived at the edge of a wide spanning river. Resting upon a rock was a lone Ferryman who greeted the Traveler with a wide beaming smile. The Traveler enquired as to what was on the other side of the river.“A great wealth of delight,” replied the Ferryman. “Treasures beyond your wildest dreams and a lavish lifestyle for all to live.”

Once upon a time, there was a somewhat astute (although that had been widely debated) Television Producer who would undertake an annual pilgrimage to deepest darkest Peru. There he would seek wisdom from the ancients as to what was going to be ‘The Big Idea’ for next season. This year, was no different. He trekked some seventeen hours to the top of a mountain – which was rather unintelligent as he could have just taken the tour bus. And there he waited, till his number was called and he was beckoned into the cave of the Ancients. Inside the Producer sat next to the Ancient Guru and asked his question