Amanda Cropp

Waipara Valley winemakers are reclaiming some of the diverse native vegetation once lost to the thousands of hectares of grapes. By Amanda Cropp.

Talk about turning the corner: a major illness turned hairdresser Rebecca Herring into an artist and then a fashion designer. By Amanda Cropp.

Concerns about souvenir rip-offs have led to a Commerce Commission investigation of dietary supplements favoured by Chinese tourists. The possibility of legal action under the Fair Trading Act comes after Tourism New Zealand discovered visitors were paying up to four times the going price for some health products.

Cousins Celia and Caro Allison have a lot in common. A cartoonist and a fashion design respectively, they both trained at Wellington Polytechnic, live and work in Lyttelton, drive silver Toyota Caribs and are obsessive recyclers. But most of all, finds Amanda Cropp, they’re both deeply committed to