Aaron Smale

Top Global Food Trends: Healthy Food


Top Global Food Trends: Healthy Food

With rising incomes globally and an aging population, health food is no fad. Whether we’re talking whole grains, organic, gluten-free, paleo, nutraceuticals (for example, dietary supplements, scientific-based natural remedies, and nutrient-enriched foods with purported health benefits), or just general healthy eating with a focus on fresh fruit and vegetables, New Zealand exporters are making inroads.

We Can Create

Architecture school drop out Eric Rodenbeck of Stamen Design has an impeccable ability to transform raw data into something of an interactive and visual feast. In our latest video interview from We Can Create, Rodenbeck explains how his team, made up of a high school drop out, a cognitive science major, a few artists and a few trained cartographers, goes about creating compelling data visualisation. He also tells us why the Rumpus Room’s Tomas Roope, who also spoke at thee event, is his “hero”.

Solar Energy

What would cause more than 500 people in China to flip company cars and storm the offices of a solar company? Solar may be heralded as a viable solution to our energy woes, but it takes power to make power and what you never hear about are the associated by-products created in the manufacturing of solar products. In protests that began on Thursday, protestors flooded the office of Jinko Solar Holding, a company that manufactures photovoltaic panels, wafers and cells. Protesters claim waste from the factory, located in Haining city in the Zhejiang province, is killing fish in a nearby river.

Climate Change

'The Climate Show' is back with another rambling but perfectly essential distillation of climate related news and commentary. This week’s episode features: Nano-electric cars from India, 100-year-old electric vehicles, heatwaves in the USA and snow in North Canterbury, the Petermann ice island floating down towards the Atlantic ,and a bit of peerless chat about a larrikin lord on his way to New Zealand. With added vegan cheese and the BFC (big fat cat).