Jai Breitnauer

What really is 'Made in New Zealand'?


What really is 'Made in New Zealand'?

Locally grown, regionally produced, for Kiwis by Kiwis… these are just some of the advertising slogans our consumers see on products nationwide. But what do they mean, what value does it add to your business, and when, legally, can you make these claims? Jai Breitnauer finds out.


There’s been a funny meme going around recently about time zones. It says something like, “In Sydney it’s 8am, in London it’s 10pm, and in the USA it’s 1942.” Of course, this relates directly to the Brett Kavanaugh scandal. But as Jai Breitnauer writes, this could apply to a whole pile of policies introduced under the Trump administration, particularly the revival of trade tariffs.