Amanda Gross

The state of data-fueled content

Idealog + Krunch

The state of data-fueled content

It’s easier than ever to apply data and insights to drive successful advertising and marketing content, but a new survey by krunch.co has found that only a small percentage of New Zealand businesses are doing it. We’re looking into why that is, and what you can start doing today to change it.

Idealog + krunch.co

Looking for answers online has never been so... audible. With the rise of smart speakers and booming popularity of virtual assistants, online searches are increasingly spoken aloud. It’s a trend that’s changing the nature of search – and redefining Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Digital marketing agency Krunch.co answers your burning questions about what’s happening in the world of voice search, and provide answers about how your business and website needs to adapt in our increasingly vocal world. PLUS: Thanks to our friends at krunch.co, we have one Google Home to giveaway. Find out how to enter below.