Ahmed Bashir


The craze for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is droning on, and we are starting to see it all: Drone racing leagues, trans-Tasman drone racing championships, drones mowing lawns, commercial aerial drones, drones fighting crime, and even drones wielding guns (and possibly committing crimes). Judging by the latest statistics, it's not going to go away either. Trade Me saw a large escalation of listings of Drones during January of 2016, increasing by 118 percent from ​2015.


Directions can be confusing and coordinates too complex. Google Maps needs an internet connection and traditional printed maps are now as rare as an interesting Accountant. (Like, Yeti rare.) Confronting the problem, What3words have come up with a simple and brilliant solution to save you from wasting hours trying to convince your friend to stop and ask for directions: divide the entire planet into three-by-three metre sections and give each section a simple three-word coordinate (e.g. Common.Boring.Accountant).