Summer 2019

Issue #70, Summer 2019

The Creativity Issue: With greater diversity comes greater creativity


The Wool Challenge

At Idealog, we regularly celebrate our design community's brilliance. Admittedly, we also get a twisted sort of pleasure out of making our annual design challenge harder and harder each year – but that’s because we want to ensure the community continues to think outside the box. Thanks to our friends at Icebreaker, we sent out a box of very raw wool fibre to some talented humans in a range of design disciplines and tasked them with recreating an everyday object using wool. Here’s what digital agency Method came up with – an interactive wallpaper, Woolpaper.

Idealog + Special Group

Creativity is at the heart of everything award-winning independent creative company Special Group does. From campaigns to brand-building, Special Group has always been about stripping down silos and layers in the aid of creativity for business. Executive creative director and partner Tony Bradbourne discusses how the agency integrates this through every part of their business.

Gratuitous self-promotion

The 2019 Creativity issue of Idealog is out now, and it's a celebration of our special brand of New Zealand creativity, as well as the power of design. The overall theme of the magazine is diversity of thought and experience leads to greater creativity, and this issue features stories on a company 3D printing breast prosthetics for cancer survivors, an exploration of mental health within the creative industries, what constitutes good UX design, interviews with people responsible for Auckland city's metamorphosis, a look at the different initiatives promoting diversity in design, and much, much more. In the spirit of gratuitous self-promotion, read on for a full breakdown of what you can expect in the latest issue.