Spring 2017

Issue #66, Spring 2017

The 2017 Innovation Issue.


The upstart nation

From drone technology to electric farm bikes and computer graphics, from space-age umbrellas to fitness trackers and the world's leading DJ software, New Zealand developers, entrepreneurs and companies are winning in areas where no one thought we could even compete. In this first extract from No. 8 Recharged, the follow-up to the successful No. 8 Rewired, David Downs & Dr. Michelle Dickinson show how the creative thinking that New Zealand has become renowned for is being expanded and improved.

Party like a capitalist

Being in business is like the proverbial roller coaster ride – high highs, low lows, unexpected turns, multiple passengers and, often, a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maya Breen looks at what that journey might sound like.

Conflict tech

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing – except for a range of very handy innovations that we take completely for granted.  Peter Lee shows us some of the civilian applications for the latest military technologies. 

The Idea Log

The Idea Log, Idealog's spirit 'animal', is back. And this time, it's here to propose some coping mechanisms for entrepreneurs who are dealing with some common startup ailments. Because business isn't all beer and Skittles...

Idealog + Generator

The opening of the new Generator @ GridAKL, 12 Madden Street space in September was huge a moment of pride for the entire Generator team. But it was also symbolic of just how much the co-working business has changed in the seven years since the first Generator opened. CEO and founder Ryan Wilson explains some of those changes.

Idealog + Regus

As businesses demand more flexible workspaces, Regus is helping to lead a commercial property revolution. Here’s how you can enhance productivity and save money.   

Idealog + Dot Loves Data

Elections are fascinating beasts. Polls here, polls there. And, then there is the unloved but crucial margin of error. Dot Loves Data’s Dr Paul Bracewell explains why it is so important – and why those who get to grips with uncertainty have a better chance of understanding what is likely to happen in their lives and businesses.

Elevator pitch

When Snells Beach locals Kate and Mark Gatt set out to create a cognitive behavioural therapy app, they soon realised it was no small venture to embark on. Two years later, the Gatts, many therapists and a developer have built an app that helps those struggling with mental issues combat negative thoughts. We talked with Mark Gatt about the journey the duo has been on, and where they hope to take Thinkladder next.

Idealog + Chorus

Mention augmented reality to most people and they'll think of Pokémon GO. While the technology is often associated with gaming, its serious side is every bit as exciting.

Sage advice

Xero's longtime CTO Craig Walker knows things, wants things, predicts things, worries about things and improves things. In this fifth and final installment, here are five things that worry him about technology.

Idealog + Spaceworks

Since it kicked off in 2002, MMC has become a leader in the field of fund and investment administration services and currently has funds in excess of $32.9bn under administration. But, as its business has grown, so too has its need for bigger, better and more beautiful office space. So Spaceworks set about creating two floors of inspiration in the middle of Auckland’s CBD.

Idealog + Ignite Architects

Like many industries, architecture is being disrupted by changing technology – and tastes – at a pace never experienced before. Ignite Architects' managing director Jeremy Whelan shares what he’s learned in the three decades since the company started – and what it needs to do to stick around for another three.

Sage advice

Xero's longtime CTO Craig Walker knows things, wants things, predicts things, worries about things and improves things. In this second installment, here are five things he wishes New Zealand would do right now.

Deep wisdom

Xero's longtime CTO Craig Walker knows things, wants things, predicts things, worries about things and improves things. In this first installment, here are five things he wishes he knew before he started his career in tech. 

Idealog + Mosh

Setting out to raise the social media literacy of New Zealand businesses is a bold task to embark on, but social media specialist agency Mosh thought it could teach companies a thing or two about the online realm. Managing director Jeremy Marks breaks down the state of the New Zealand business social media scene, as well as the direction technology is taking this form of marketing in in the future.

Idealog + Isthmus

Industrial scale development leaves little room for individual expression. But Vinegar Lane in Ponsonby is a notable exception. Georgina Harris speaks with David Irwin, creative director at Isthmus Group, about the unique project and the concept of ‘collective individuality’.