Spring 2016

Issue #63, Spring 2016

The Innovation Issue


Don't hate the player

Auckland, like many of the world’s big cities, is often pilloried in the provinces. But, while you might not live there, you’d be worse off without it, writes Professor Shaun Hendy. And if New Zealand is to prosper in the knowledge economy, we need to quit the parochialism.

STEAM power

If we want to become a more competitive economy, focusing on the arts as well as science, technology, engineering and mathematics – a STEAM, not STEM, approach – is worth considering, says WeCreate chair Paula Browning. 

Onwards and upwards?

Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor and ‘senior maverick’ at Wired, gets called all the worst things people in technology call each other: ‘maverick’, ‘renegade’, ‘evangelist’, ‘guru’, ‘prophet’. But two things separate Kelly from nearly everyone else: 1. He was called these things before they were cliches; and 2. They’re actually kinda accurate.

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While new ideas are always appealing, sometimes the best approach is to improve upon things that already exist. As Jessy Edwards discovers, a unique new alliance is doing just that by embracing well-established 'technologies' – dogs’ noses and traps – to help save New Zealand’s native wildlife. It’s all part of a new partnership between Kiwibank, the Department of Conservation and The Predator Free New Zealand Trust that aligns with the Government’s new goal to be predator free by 2050.

Dear David

Idealog's resident Agony Uncle David Downs answers your burning innovation-themed questions on finding capital in New Zealand and how to grease up VCs.

The Idea Log

Hi, I’m the Idea Log, Idealog's spirit 'animal'. Did you know wood products are New Zealand’s third biggest export earner? You did? Well, given your surprising knowledge of our industry sectors, you’ll also know that it is a low-value commodity. And speaking as a log, it’s also murderous and barbaric. So I’m here to propose a few new high-value ideas to help get our country’s A into GDP. This time, I'm helping you create an innovative culture.

Gratuitous self-promotion

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