May-July 2016

Issue #62, May-July 2016

The Technology Issue


Dollars and sense

There’s no doubt that paying with a card – or, increasingly, a smartphone – is much more convenient than paying with paper and metal. But that lack of tangibility is also making it harder to teach children about the concept of money and engrain good financial habits. In honour of James Bergin's win in the young executive of the year category at the Deloitte Top 200 awards last night, here's a piece he wrote for Idealog recently about how ASB is using technology to help bridge that gap.

Idealog's Guide to Dunedin

With the increasingly influential iD Dunedin Fashion Week, a host of established and up-and-coming fashion brands basing themselves in the city, and a regular flow of talented students honing their craft, it could be argued Dunedin is the world’s southernmost fashion hub. And this reputation is adding to the city’s sense of optimism – and style.

Idealog's Guide to Dunedin

Due to a combination of good luck and good planning, Dunedin’s economy is starting to grow—and diversify—after many years in the doldrums. Caitlin Salter looks at the city’s economic prospects and sees some positive signs.  

Aviation innovation

Innovators are often guilty of searching for solutions before identifying problems; of finding gaps in the market, without being sure if there’s a market in the gap. But, as Ben Fahy discovers, Air New Zealand can’t be accused of that and, in many cases, its clever use of technology is providing answers to a range of customer concerns, some voiced, some not.


Silicon Valley renaissance man Gary Bolles on what we can learn from the Valley’s acceptance of failure as a necessary part of eventual success.


After decades of disappointed expectations, virtual reality has, if the wave of hardware options and burgeoning content libraries is anything to go by, finally entered the mainstream. But, as we march into the brave new world of VR, those same old questions remain: what consumer applications are actually available right now? How much is going to cost? And, will VR ever really live up to the hype?

The Idea Log

Hi, I’m the Idea Log, Idealog's spirit 'animal'. Did you know wood products are New Zealand’s third biggest export earner? You did? Well, given your surprising knowledge of our industry sectors, you’ll also know that it is a low value commodity. And speaking as a log, it’s also murderous and barbaric. So I’m here to propose a few new high-value ideas to help get our country’s A into GDP. This time, remarkably innovative, potentially cash-spewing apps (and remember, entries for the NZ Innovation Awards close on Friday at 5pm. Rest assured, I'm entering all of these brilliant ideas in the mobile, media and entertainment category and all my previous brilliant ideas in the food and beverage category).

Idealog's Guide to Dunedin

Tyranny of distance? Pffffffttt. Architecture van Brandenburg is one of many Dunedin companies that are doing world-class work from the deep south—and technology is making it even easier to work with international clients.

Idealog's Guide to Dunedin

As someone who grew up in Invercargill, spent five formative years expanding/eroding my mind at the University of Otago and, then, after a short jaunt overseas, returned home and got my first proper job as a feature writer at the Otago Daily Times, I will always have a soft spot for Dunedin.


Do investors run scared when they hear about a founder’s failure, or are battle scars seen as a positive? Is a good idea more attractive than an adaptable team? And are New Zealanders ‘failure tolerant’ enough? Caitlin Salter talks to the experts.