May - June

Issue #57, May - June

This guy is a student. He's also a CEO. And an entrepreneur. And he's not alone. Our latest issue explores the start-ups coming out of our universities, and investigates why New Zealand's record of university commercialisation is patchy at best. Plus: the China International Airshow and how one 60-year-old Waikato company is making waves. Oh, and something a little saucy - the internet is changing every industry, so why not the oldest profession in the world?



When Cantabrians protest the disappearance of the old cathedral, they are simply following a long and noble tradition of resistance to altering the status quo.


Business success doesn’t just happen because you want it to. You have to work hard at putting the foundations in place. One of those fundamentals is an internal culture that supports the external brand and market aspiration. Well-designed staff engagement translates to better reputation and business results, writes Steven Giannoulis from Insight Creative.