January-February 2014

Issue #49, January-February 2014

Introducing the YouBike, originally a makeshift solution that's set to become an export sensation. And in other goodies, we hit up a handful of top Kiwi business minds to see how sticking to their beliefs has driven their success, the Dunedin company doing payroll and social enterprise in one go, homegrown aerial recon robots, and bucketloads more.


Many people don't want the government knowing all their business. Yet others reckon we should strive for knowledge efficiencies across the public sector. Rob Hosking talks to government chief information officer (yes, there is such a thing) Colin MacDonald.

Sorry, did we say asset sales? No, wait, we meant Mixed Ownership Model, which, let's face it, makes for a much better acronym, if nothing else.

Knowing your 'why' can help you with the 'how' (not to mention the 'ka-ching!'). Andy Kenworthy talks to a collection of business leaders who keep their purpose in focus at all times.

No matter how naughty or nice we've been this year, there isn't a kiddy among us who isn't secretly hoping for a sneaky night-time visit from the jolly fat guy. Fill some time as you count down the sleeps, then, with our guide to Santa Claus.