November-December 2013

Issue #48, November-December 2013

It's that time of year again – innovation time! (Well, that's actually all the time, but anyway...) Issue 48 has all the details from the NZ Innovators Awards 2013: the winners, some of the top finalists, and the punters you saw in Idealog first. It's also our first ever cover constructed fully out of cardboard and shot in situ, with Innovators Awards finalist Mat Bogust popping into the frame for good measure.


We're a tech startup growing quickly right now, and we are considering our options for a proper organisational structure. What should we think about, and how does organisational structure help influence the success of a company?

So you’ve just won your first business award (congratulations!) and you're riding high on the wave of adulation. Now what? Lance Wiggs weighs in.