July-August 2013

Issue #46, July-August 2013

How to grow a brand; Erica and Kim Crawford are building their new wine brand from the ground up. (Literally.) Plus National MP Amy Adams is agitating for less red tape, meet the R&D whizz kids at Mindhive, and the young upstarts thriving in businesses not renowned for paying the bills.


Welcome to Mindhive. On the fourth floor of a Britomart building is a hit squad of whizz kids who come together to solve business problems by pulling industrial R&D solutions out of thin engineering air.


Need to alleviate a guilt hangover? Vaughn Davis argues in favour of taking away the bad, rather than throwing more 'good' at the problem.

You are not going to be successful just by wandering around being intelligent. Successful endeavours are those that are out of the ordinary, because they go beyond the norm.

The Slammer began its life as a secret weapon in TJ Irvin's arsenal of topiary tools, but it's now his full-time business – and he has global ambitions for this odd but useful item.

Hayes' business Minaal centres around a shirt called the ProTravel Shirt. It looks like a business shirt, but performs like a travel shirt, so it needs less ironing and less washing (because it resists potent ManStench).