May-June 2013

Issue #45, May-June 2013

As commercial creatives, how do you self promote without coming across as a rampant egomaniac? Plus a health check on the Kiwi film industry, a trio of local exporters making it big with physical products, our guide to food innovation, and lots more.


Few industries are so instrumental in shaping our national identity, and few can compel the government to create new employment laws on the hoof. But is the film industry all it's cracked up to be – or is it just cracked?

Vinyl George husband and wife team Gavin and Dani Wright met while working for Richard Branson.

It's the creative doodler's weapon of choice, has a fascinating and possibly imagined connection to The Simpsons, and despite its name, seems to always go blunt before the ink runs out.

Crikey, what a scorcher! The summer if 2012/2013 saw records tumble, climate change arguments reignite and nether regions perspire to a degree not seen since the last hot summer, whenever that was.