January-February 2013

Issue #43, January-February 2013

Is Gen Y the future of our ideas economy – or do they just need to get a haircut and get a real job? Plus Pushpay's play in the mobile payment space, stories you can touch, our guide to executive education and a trolleyful more of creative inspiration.


Techweek 2017

Pushpay was the big winner at the 2017 Hi-Tech Awards. To mark the occasion, we're republishing this story about where the company came from.

We love to bash Gen Y for being lazy, overprivileged kids who expect everything and give nothing. A fair call? Or are they the future not just of our country but also our economy – and our innovation industry?

Imagine having 500 of your own staff working round the clock to clean up all our rubbish. Live the dream with the Hungry Bin.

It's a familiar entrepreneurial scenario: punter encounters problem, thinks up own way to fix it, sells it on to other punters with similar problems, stands to make stacks of cash.