July-August 2012

Issue #40, July-August 2012

It's our 40th issue (let there be cake!) and it also happens to be the Startup Issue. Meet our hot four under 40, venture inside the mind-bending world of Izon, and discover one of NZ Inc's best-kept secrets.



Give that Twitter feed the bird, shaddupa your Facebook and throw a spanner in your Yammer as Idealog presents the only guide to social media you'll ever need.

Izon Science has grown to 17 times its previous size in the past three years. Now the nano company has opened a Massachusetts office to service the burgeoning American market. James Robinson charts its rise and peeks into its future.

Australians don't like it, New Zealanders can't get it, Graham Henry admitted to being embarrassed at having to spruik it ... we lift the lid on everyone's favourite poo-like sandwich spread, Marmite.