May-June 2012

Issue #39, May-June 2012

Can new super minister, Steven Joyce, fix everything? The new kings of hospitality shake off their cloaks of anonymity. We venture inside the Food Bowl. Plus our ultimate guide to R&D .... and more


Subtitled 'the best advertising and design in the world', this Taschen volume could be right on the button.

From having more portfolios than you could shake a stick at to now heading up the newly-created Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Steven Joyce seems to have his fingers in a lot of political pies.


An array of New Zealand fashion experts, lecturers and curators wax lyrical on our collective infatuation with that colour that isn't a colour.

Think crazy ideas are the ticket? Not always. Turns out pioneering innovation is great for society but statistically lethal for the individual trailblazer.

Three enterprising Kiwi blokes decided to skateboard across a South American desert. But the first thing they did was get their trip carboNZero certified.

With every year that passes, the necktie is disappearing more rapidly than miniature sausage rolls at a work morning tea. So loosen yours (if you[re wearing one) and join us for a brief but thorough examination of every capitalist's favourite noose: the common necktie.

Some countries are aggressive in their bid for a slice of Antarctica, but it appears to be a race to the moon – useful for bragging rights and research, but of no direct commercial benefit.

After noticing the explosion of artisan food and our thirst for more and more goodies, Greig Buckley decided to give it an e-commerce twist., the brainchild of media man James Coleman, is harking back to the good old days.