November-December 2011

Issue #36, November-December 2011

Have we got a deal for you! From New Zealand's best and brightest innovators to a couple of freaky science stories, including zapping bugs with fungi and fish fibres invisible to the naked eye, and whether the daily deals sector will last, Idealog's brimming with fresh and fruity stories.


Creating fibres naked to the human eye is at the heart of what the Revolution Fibres team does. But add some secret sauce to these fibres and suddenly there's the potential to overturn the cosmetics, health and electronics markets. And that's just for starters.


Smartphones are no longer just for the upwardly mobile – and if you haven't figured out how to use them to your advantage, you need your head read.

The Grill

Telecommunications user Vaughn Davis joins Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand chief executive Paul Brislen over an excellent breakfast pie served – as God is his witness – with chips.