May-June 2011

Issue #33, May-June 2011

And now for something completely different ...


The Onya awards celebrate those who design, develop and create New Zealand's best websites and applications.


As the autumn leaves fall I dread the approach of the opera season, in case I’m obliged to go. I can’t remember the last time I actually bought a ticket, but have occasionally been a guest of one of the large, multinational accounting firms who seem to be opera’s prime sponsors.

Case study

The AUT Business Innovation Centre is helping companies grow and develop their ideas into viable businesses.


Too many business people still think of a commercial brand as something you slap on at the end of the process. But what are customers going to pay you those extra dollars for?


Last year Idealog published Cash for Ideas—The Idealog Guide to Commercialising Your Ideas. In its pages we brought together an expert panel from six of the top innovation support firms in the country. We enjoyed it so much, and learned so much, that we are doing it again.


The year was 1997. IT and electrical savant John Hansen and family were celebrating his daughter’s graduation at a fancy Auckland restaurant—and the service was rubbish. Chaotic and slow, the wait staff and kitchen were disorganised and exasperated. While waiting, the family joined forces to redesign the ordering system on a napkin.

‘Ten years ahead of his time’ one of the verdicts at the launch of Craig McInnes’ first furniture range.

Professor Valery Feigin is a busy man. But he knows that his work in the fields of stroke and traumatic brain injury is making a huge difference.

While Sonia Voigt’s career as a TV journalist saw her dressed up and made up to the nines, her jewellery business involves the opposite extreme.

Case study

In 2009 BNZ made a strategic decision to upgrade its retail presence with a complete revamp of its network of 140 stores. The brief required the design team to challenge existing banking protocols and to design a store with a retail focus.

For those who are bored with boring black and white, nobody does headphones as accessories better than Urbanears.

If clean, pared-back lines are more your thing than brocade and lace doilies, the no nonsense Starling Chair will be right up your alley.


Uh oh, not another one. Authors have been churning out books on climate change and what the very real risks are should we chose to ignore the growing signs that all is not well in this wondrous world.

Parting Shot

By day, Andrew Smith is creative director at Dave Clark Design Associates. Outside of hours he snaps photos and digitally processes them in Lightroom.

Case study

Home enthusiasts, companies and clubs can now make the freshest draft beer on the planet thanks to Nanobrewing Ltd.

Case study

The internet is bulging with business websites—and many just sit there in cyberspace accomplishing very little. In 2000, three Kiwi guys decided to do something about that. Their company,, helps organisations develop websites that generate real results

Ben Stenbeck does what boys only dream about: drawing comics for US publishers like Marvel and Dark Horse. The Auckland-based artist tracks his own journey

Case study

A Kiwi invention that makes wood heaters burn slow, hot and clean has caught the attention of US regulators and manufacturers.

Case study

AUT Enterprises helps researchers and scientists take the step from novel technology to commercial reality.

From experiments he begun as a schoolboy, electrical engineer Carlos Van Camp has created a world-leading visual spectacular using high-voltage machines he develops in Auckland.

UV rays aren’t just the enemies of our skin, but also of a good beer, which is why you’ll find this light lager in a black bottle.

Case study

Breaking into competitive export markets can be tough. A tailored funding solution from BNZ helped one Levin-based licorice manufacturer. RJ’s Licorice has found a winning recipe, sticking to what it knows best and producing a range of quintessentially Kiwi licorice that’s sought after around the world