March-April 2011

Issue #32, March-April 2011

These men are bringing you the fastest internet New Zealand has ever seen - by boat.



An underperforming website taught Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers the value of investing in a world-class site


There’s a lot going on in business, with digital information flowing thick and fast. Atlas takes the weight off its clients’ shoulders by tailoring digital asset management systems to suit their needs


The internet’s power to transform traditional business is undisputed. Not only is it giving companies another channel through which to market themselves and sell their wares, it’s also helping them streamline their operations


Racking up page views as web-users research online is one thing, but converting that interest into quantifiable sales is quite something else. Young & Shand helped House of Travel provide a completely new experience for its online customers

Pacific Fibre looks like the perfect plan: local heroes thinking big, and hiring a crack team to bring New Zealand into the world of ubiquitous internet. But do highgrowth CEOs really know anything about infrastructure? Matt Cooney asks if the dream team knows what it’s getting into

Christchurch’s chocolate-box facade has cracked. The city will never be the same— but what will it choose to become? Kris Herbert meets the Cantabrians who are reinventing their city


Illicit can’t seem to catch a break: from the suicide of brilliant co-founder Martin Emond, the pillaging of its work by pop stars and rip-off artists, to the failure of its US partners. So the 15-year-old fashion label and K’ Road institution found a new voice and a new hip-hop market, though the j

Furniture design

Nathan Goldsworthy’s self-assembled furniture is the first step in the designer’s move offshore