January-February 2011

Issue #31, January-February 2011

How to have a great idea this summer—with tips from New Zealand’s most creative thinkers


In an age where technology rules, the most basic human instinct is still the need to talk.

For a jump on the competition, there's nothing like a tailored end-to-end direct marketing campaign.

Today's customers are both savvy and fickle. So how do you build, maintain and improve relationships with your customers to give them a better service and ensure loyalty?

Loyalty marketing as a customer strategy is on the brink of a new wave of growth and innovation.

Its been described as the holy grail of contact centres: cost-effective service operations, with superior service measured through customer feedback and customer satisfaction.

Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali’s design house Special Problems became a music video powerhouse quite by accident. But as they tell Duncan Greive, they’re counterintuitively resisting expanding their business

Creative Industries

The long summer days, the idle time, friends, a change of pace—it’s the perfect time to think up new ideas for the New Year. To get you started, we talk with some of New Zealand’s most serially creative ideas people. By Rebekah White

Emerging Talent

Anton Garland is on the hard road to automotive design—and is fixing Auckland’s traffic problems on the way.

There’s nothing quite like Webstock. Perhaps that’s because it runs counter to everything the experts said a Kiwi web conference should be. By Haydn Green

The Grill

Peter Gordon and partner Michael McGrath have embarked on their most ambitious venture yet: teaming up with fellow expats Brandon Allen and Adam Wills, founders of UK-wide Gourmet Burger Kitchen, to open Kiwi-themed restaurant Kopapa in the heart of London’s ultra-competitive West End. How will they