November-December 2010

Issue #30, November-December 2010

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Middle management in a large Connecticut bakery wasn't Helen Klisser During's dream job, but she knew what she was doing—priming for her return to Godzone and her parent's company, Vogel's. But when Vogel's was suddenly sold, she reinvented her future as curator and art advisor to New York's elite.


While Pumpkin Patch won Supreme Award for International Business at the New Zealand International Business Awards 2010, it wasn’t the only Kiwi company feted


John Boone’s new venture had to be explained to him—and now he explains ‘corporate drumming’ to us.


The concepts of sustainability and corporate responsibility (CR) are now part of mainstream business in New Zealand, with early adopters followed by every company smart enough to recognise the absolute importance of CR in the local and global marketplace. But New Zealand is well behind places such a

Parting Shot

The fitness industry as we know it is nearly 43 years old—but now it's starting to show its age.


The information explosion, instead of making us smarter, is probably rewiring our brains to a level of superficial understanding.


The world wide web is getting bigger by the day, and it's the perfect place for advertisers to seek new opportunities.


Zephyr's partners have 60 years' experience, nigh on 80 awards, nine kids, a fondness for sausages and a partnership with clients more akin to family.


Creativity isn't as simple as artfully worded prose, carefully directed pictures or a beautifully shot TVC.

A winemaker, a courier and a manufacturer: three very different experiences with sustainability and how it can make or break you. By Rosie Bosworth.

Travelling the world, combining exotic cultures with classic Kiwi tunes—it's Nick Dwyer's dream job, and National Geographic is among his many fans. By Martyn Pepperell.