July-August 2010

Issue #28, July-August 2010

Kiwi Made: Idealog #28, on sale from July 24th at good stores everywhere.


Parting Shot

It's a connected world, from our social networks to the cells between our ears.

Roseanne Liang directs her first feature film—based on her own life and starring two kung-fu movie veterans. No pressure, says Florence Noble.


Meet Alka Patel, the ex-scientist who’s taking our humble meat pie to the gourmand streets of San Francisco

Adman James Hurman knows what it’s like to be branded a plagiarist—and why we're so quick to believe that a ‘fresh’ idea is actually a cheap rip-off. Why, then, do so many ideas emerge at the same time from different places?

Talk about turning the corner: a major illness turned hairdresser Rebecca Herring into an artist and then a fashion designer. By Amanda Cropp.

Creative Metrics

Innovation in New Zealand is on the decline. It's time to ask: do we really value new ideas?

The Grill

You know the television scene is getting weird when TVNZ launches a new channel on Sky’s pay platform. But Eric Kearley, the broadcaster’s new head of digital, reckons it heralds a new age of co-operation in New Zealand media. Others say TVNZ is already irrelevant. So is Kearley just rearranging the deckchairs?

The sneaker. It's a cheap canvas shoe with a cheap rubber sole—or at least it used to be. Sneaker freak Hadyn Green searches for the great New Zealand sneaker

Pixar senior animator Andrew Gordon is making his way down under for SP10 in August. We caught him in June to ask about the future of Andy, Buzz and Mr Incredible.