July-August 2009

Issue #22, July-August 2009

Complete with a silver lining: Idealog #22, on sale now at good stores everywhere.


Nobody believes business anymore. So who’s in control of your brand? It’s all of us. Here’s how the truth has been democratised, distributed and Google-optimised. It’s goodbye to the mass message and welcome to The Conversation.

When guitarist Ben Fulton went electric, he found the only way to get the right sound was to make his own gadgets—and other guitarists agreed. But how do you turn a garage business into an international boutique brand? First, you find someone to share your dream—like Geoff Matthews.


The future of advertising will lie in the measurement of even the most microscopic of shifts and changes in online human behaviour.


The ‘nine-day fortnight’ will report for duty at many workplaces this jolly July. On the tenth day, we’ll be rested


It seems Lance Wiggs is always on a journey. Even home in Godzone, he’s not standing still: he has companies to mentor, connections to make and, on his blog, clueless corporates to skewer. So just what is Wiggs looking for?

Innovation isn’t just a commercial buzzword. It can transform our schools, hospitals, public spaces, transport, workplaces and our leisure time. And now New Zealand has its own organisation dedicated to encouraging new thinking to transform Kiwi society.

Alexia Sinclair’s digital art is part fashion, part montage, part tribute and totally original. Whether her subject is an artistic depiction of Cleopatra or a commission for Canon, the Sydney-based artist combines her unique artistic eye with virtuoso digital skills. And in mid-August she’ll be in Auckland for Semi-Permanent ’09.

Thinking brands | Trust and the trusted. Brands that build trust are the brands that will survive in the new age of candour. Here’s how.

Semi-Permanent must be due a name change. Back in 2009 for its sixth year, the landmark New Zealand design event is positively durable. It could also be called the granddaddy of a new wave of creative Kiwi events.