March-April 2009

Issue #20, March-April 2009

It’s definitely authentic Kiwi: Idealog #20, on sale now at good stores everywhere


Emerging Talent

Jasmin Ziedan thought her employer should do things differently—so she bought the company


The Kiwi housing stock is a shambles: damp, drafty and usually facing south. Andy Kenworthy examines what it would take to jump-start a green housing revolution


Could New Zealand generate all its electricity from renewable sources within 20 years? An expert says yes


Our future should be cast as exciting and bountiful instead of dull and limited. It’s about innovation, growth and solutions, not cutbacks and reductions

Cousins Celia and Caro Allison have a lot in common. A cartoonist and a fashion design respectively, they both trained at Wellington Polytechnic, live and work in Lyttelton, drive silver Toyota Caribs and are obsessive recyclers. But most of all, finds Amanda Cropp, they’re both deeply committed to


Can biofuels survive the perfect storm of PR disasters, global recession and a government sceptical about sustainability? Yes—if we want it to. Vincent Heeringa discovers the future of biofuels still glimmers—especially for wood


A year ago, Scion chief executive Tom Richardson announced a report estimating the entire New Zealand transport fleet could be powered by biofuel derived from our forests. Is he still so optimistic?

The Grill

Think you’re talented? Creative? Dare we say it: outstanding? Good for you—but if Malcolm Gladwell is right, that’ll only get you so far. He’s looked at the traits of successful people and found what they have in common: hard work and happy circumstance. So how do the merely talented get ahead?

From The Publisher

Every industry clamours for subsidies. Most should be ignored. Why should the alternative energy industry be any different?

Evolutionary biologists don’t spend all their time looking backwards. At the Allan Wilson Centre, Kiwi scientists are predicting the future