May-June 2008

Issue #15, May-June 2008

Over 100 pages of ideas, inspiration and insight in Idealog #15, on sale now at good stores everywhere


They came to ART Venture to speed up their design, sculpture, dance, music, festival, symposium, architecture, TV and waka projects. And they all did one thing: slow down. Gena Tuffery learns why good things take time—and great things take up to 18 months

The line between creativity and commerce is more blurred than any time since Coca-Cola discovered Santa Claus. Idealog profiles two endeavours in the fastest-blurring industry of all: music.

Plain Sailing

AIS WatchMate will let you know when you’re in line to hit another boat—leaving you free to keep an eye out for Jaws

Emerging Talent

While most eyes turn to the Olympics, Dane Mitchell will be competing in Switzerland at the ‘Olympics of the art world’

New Zealand has the fastest-growing fair trade market in the world, but as corporates like Starbucks catch the Fair Trade bandwagon, savvy advocates of ethical consumerism can see a day when the goodwill is gone. By Jehan Casinader


Throw away your de Bono, ignore your critics and embrace your appalling personality. Dr Margaret Boden, OBE, says sometimes it pays to be crazy

Most New Zealand businesses are SMEs that involve one or more members of the same family. Getting agreement on succession planning, or any changes to a business, can be like herding cats. Emotions can enter into what should be a rational, pragmatic process

How To

As the baby boomers start to retire, the ‘for sale’ sign will be slapped on Kiwi companies worth $24 billion. And succession planning needs to be part of your overall business plan. Here’s how to avoid a fire sale—or a business meltdown. Plus back in the saddle and buying the family silver