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Mirrors, drones and haute couture.


Mirrors, drones and haute couture.

Jessica Minh Anh continues to make history with her innovative catwalks, this time she is transforming the award-winning solar power plant, Gemasolar in Spain into the world’s most innovative catwalk yet.


On a farm in Derbyshire, rows upon rows of chairs are growing in a paddock. Designer and horticulturalist Gavin Munro trains saplings to grow into the shape of chairs and lamps before finishing and selling them as Grown Furniture.

Idealog + Insight Creative

Te Papa has transformed its learning programmes and space, creating Hīnātore, a disruptive new learning lab stacked with cutting-edge tech gizmos that consign clunky projector slideshows and VHS videos to the museum’s basement archives. And it needed eye-catching, dynamic branding to communicate the evolving and experimental nature of the programme. That’s where Insight Creative came into the story.


Populating the Wynyard Quarter area has now begun with the launch of the highly anticipated waterfront developments. A partnership between Waterfront Auckland and property developers Willis Bond & Co, the new developments will be the first residential developments in Wynyard Quarter.