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Interior Design

A nationwide survey of office workers conducted by research agency Perceptive shows that 81 percent of Kiwi office workers believe the physical environment at their workplace has an impact on their happiness and job satisfaction, while nine out of ten workers agree that if they are happy at work, they are more productive.

Idealog + Insight Creative

Te Papa has transformed its learning programmes and space, creating Hīnātore, a disruptive new learning lab stacked with cutting-edge tech gizmos that consign clunky projector slideshows and VHS videos to the museum’s basement archives. And it needed eye-catching, dynamic branding to communicate the evolving and experimental nature of the programme. That’s where Insight Creative came into the story.


Like banner ads? Of course you do. Stalker-like banners showing products and deals that you might have searched for previously are just the best … yea, right! Russia’s branch of international ad agency BBDO has just come up with a brilliant way to replace those ads.