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Better by Design Study Tour: Feeling the buzz of innovation

Design Thinking

Better by Design Study Tour: Feeling the buzz of innovation

You can feel it everywhere. The city is alive with it. From sunrise to sunset and beyond, there is an inexorable force. Passion and a belief pushing everything ahead, improving customer outcomes day after day. It is in the sounds of the streets, the urgency of the traffic, the chatter in the cafes and the hustle of the businesses we have met.

Idealog + Insight Creative

Te Papa has transformed its learning programmes and space, creating Hīnātore, a disruptive new learning lab stacked with cutting-edge tech gizmos that consign clunky projector slideshows and VHS videos to the museum’s basement archives. And it needed eye-catching, dynamic branding to communicate the evolving and experimental nature of the programme. That’s where Insight Creative came into the story.

This Fan Girl near fell over with excitement (or was it over-caffeination?) as we headed to IBM near St Marks place today. St Marks being rather an edgy and gritty part of NYC that is undergoing a huge transformation with heaps of new development in the area. I was dying to meet Watson, IBM's supercomputer, which was designed with the rather uninspired ambition of winning a game show called Jeopardy.

Design Awards

It was a glittering (and purple) affair at this year's Best Design Awards, an evening that confirmed a few things for us: designers will forever drink us under the table, balloons are always a fun time (even more so when they come shaped as Purple Pins), and New Zealand design is at the top of its game.